Travel Planning

Kim has been a travel advisor since 2015 after a long career of event planning. Her company’s vision is to inspire people to explore the world and to become the agency of choice to help create life-changing travel experiences.

Picture of Kim with a giant tortoise in Galapagos

As a dedicated travel agent, her role is to provide personalized travel guidance through expert research, impeccable planning and detailed arranging of all your travel needs. She loves to put together a solution that is customized for each of her clients so they can experience trips of a lifetime. This is possible due to her years of extensive planning experience, established relationships with reputable global partners and her own personal travel journeys.

Kim likes to work with:
• Busy people who value the service and expertise of a professional
• Those looking for expert advice and experience so they don’t have to spend time and energy researching their desired destination
• Travellers wanting a more personalized or customized holiday solution

See her travel website by clicking here.